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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some of the questions as a maid service we are asked most often, along with their answers, below. If you don’t see your question here, be sure to contact us.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes, we carry a bond, general liability for $1 million, and worker’s compensation insurance. Every new client is sent a copy of our insurance coverage, which is updated once per year.
Q. How much do you charge?
A. In order to determine what it will cost to clean your facility, we do a comprehensive walk-through where we take measurements, record the different types of surfaces to be cleaned, how many employees work there, how many fixtures in the restrooms, etc. This information helps us to put together a customized cleaning proposal for your facility.
Q. What time will you clean our business?
A. Most businesses that we care for are cleaned between the hours of 5PM and 11PM. We will work with you on the time that works best for your business.
Q. How do we know we can trust the people doing our cleaning?
A. Each of our employees goes through a rigorous hiring process including a minimum of 2 interviews, background check, and drug test. They are then trained at our office with a customized training program and video. This training includes both procedures and safety training. Our supervisors take over when the employee is put into the field to work, continuing the training process and following up with Quality Control reports.
Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A. No, we believe in performance-based contracts, which means that we have to earn your business every month. We do need to have you sign an Agreement that outlines the services to be provided, the frequency, price, and payment terms. The agreement also states that either party may discontinue service with a 30-day notice.
Q. How do we begin?
A. Simply Contact Us by calling or filling out our easy Request Service Form.
Q. Can my scheduled cleaning be changed or canceled if an emergency comes up?
A. Yes, call our office as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We do require a 24 hour notice of cancellation or we will charge a $60 cancellation fee (often we can avoid this if we find out soon enough).
Q. What if I am unhappy with the service I receive?
A. We have a 100% 24 Hour Guarantee policy, so if you are displeased with the work performed, call our office and we will return to your home within twenty-four hours to fix the problem. If you are still not satisfied, the cleaning is free!
Q. What if something is broken?
A. Unfortunately, accidents do occasionally happen. If something is broken, we will write you a note and leave it with your invoice. Someone will contact you to find out how we can replace or pay or the item. We would rather not clean irreplaceable or valuable objects, so please make sure that they are in a safe place when the cleaners arrive.
Q. How do I pay for my cleaning?
A. We accept cash, checks, credit card payments or Paypal payments. You can arrange to pay us ahead of time, or you can leave the payment on the kitchen counter in an envelope.
Q. What do I do if I need extra work done?
A. Call our office so that we can schedule any extra time that might be required.

We run a legitimate cleaning company. There are many cleaning companies and individuals who clean homes illegally because they have not taken the steps necessary to become a legitimate business. These maid services don’t carry any insurance to protect the homeowner’s possessions and their own employees in case of injury. Many also hire illegal aliens and pay them under the table. Because of this they have almost no overhead and can offer extremely low prices. Clients have no recourse for compensation from these companies if they are unsatisfied with the cleaning or if their belongings are broken or stolen. In the industry they are known as “trunk-slammers” because they work out of the back of their car instead of having an established, legal business. First Maid only hires people that undergo a third-party background check.

To sum it up:

Give us the chance to prove to you that we are the best cleaning service in Jacksonville.

Call us today and schedule an appointment. If you have any questions we would be happy to answer them.

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