AirBnB Homes/Condos

At Florida Cleaning Concepts, we know that running an AirBnB can be demanding, and take a lot of your time. With Jacksonville’s top AirBnB cleaning service, it’s painless. Give us a call, talk to us, and let us handle the hardest part of running an AirBnB.
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A good rating goes a long way in today’s world. It’s easy to see how a dirty or improperly cleaned AirBnB can destroy a good rating, and thereby can devastate your business.
With Florida Cleaning Concepts’ Airbnb cleaning services, you can get the ratings you deserve while not worrying about the cleaning.
Florida Cleaning Concept is Jacksonville’s professional Airbnb cleaning services.
Our cleaning techs are well trained, skilled experts that perform at their very best. They are fully equipped to tackle a wide array of Airbnb services.
• We wash the sheets and towels
• We make the beds with fresh linen
• We clean, sanitize, and disinfect all high touch surfaces
• We hang fresh towels and restock the toilet paper
• We clean the tubs, showers, and toilets
• We wash and put away dishes
• We vacuum, sweep, and mop the floors
• We straighten up the furniture
• We take out trash
• We lock up the property